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Welcome to 

 Heaven's Fountain

This is a Christian site which  promotes the good news of the Gospel and has links to enhance your knowledge of salvation. Jesus is coming soon and there are things you need to know that determine where your spirit and soul journey to at death. Hell is not a place you want to end up at. Study your Bible, God's word. The information in my book The Parachute of Jesus may more clearly define your role in making sure your soul and spirit make  heaven and not hell at death. Believe in Jesus - do good, and you will be saved, but all that  has to be understood; the Parachute book helps develop that understanding.

The purpose of this website is to allow people who can't afford to have a web 
presence or lack the knowledge to do so, to develop a web presence in order to improve their communications with others, especially regarding programs they have joined to produce income, and to be able to better provide for their families. For some I provide free webpages; for others I will build pages to help them in their marketing efforts at minimal cost.
You simply have to provide me with the content you want to use either in an email or a word document and jpeg pics to go along with it. I do maintain the right to reject content if it is inappropriate.
An example is found at which has a link on it to direct people to her free affiliate site where they can learn more about probably the best heart saving product on the market, watch videos, read articles, and place orders so she earns affiliate commissions, all at no cost to her. There is no cost to her to be an affilate to earn on others.

Another example can be found at   Similar situation. As an affiliate she promotes and advertises that page which contains much information on what the product does and contains her link to her Cerma affiliate page  where they can purchase product she receives affiliate commissions on.  Again, all at no cost to her. 

Real Estate/large ticket item  supplemental webpage information pages  These I charge a small $50 fee for but includes building the page from cut/paste information you provide me, posting up to ten pics you provide me,  and hosting your webpage on the web giving you the page's URL. 

I made an interesting discovery in attempting to sell my 19 acre farm that contains many amenities. The problem is lack of ability to adequately 
describe the property one is trying to sell with only 500 characters allotted in the marketing remarks section of the agent/broker MLS listing agreement. Essentially I found I couldn’t say squat about the place with such limitations. But I found a work around solution that should be shared with all  sellers a realtor agent has  property listed for.  It could greatly affect buyer decisions and result in many more sales by having more information and pics available to the buyer than the minimum description  the MLS listing allows for in trying to make decisions on properties he is interested in. The information about this
work around is posted on the webpages page on this site. 

The extra webpage thing is also applicable to the sale of large ticket items; cars, boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, trailers, off road vehicles, tractors, farm equipment, etc. You put as the last line in your ad when you put an ad in The Exchange, Little Nickel, or other advertising source :
"More info/pics at"  The 1234 is your assigned webpage number. Buyer goes to your URL where you have an unlimited description and up to ten pics to better describe/show  your item for sale than the single pic and minimal verbage you were able to post in the ad. 

Learn how this works at webpages.

There are normally no links on this homepage to the people's pages I have prepared and host on this site.  You have to go to the specific URL I give the page owner that they can advertise for their page. I build/host the page; you have to get traffic to it for it to be useful.
EMail me
if you are interested in this.

My other  website at  is multifaceted and 
covers many topics you may wish to know about to maintain your health and well being such as cancer cures and heart health as well as opportunities to increase your income.

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